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I hold an MSc degree in Fashion psychology along with a diploma in Skincare Formulation and Skin Cosmetology. Over the last four years I have devoted my time and background in psychology and skincare to understand the relationship between our skin and our mental health. So trust me, “When you say you feel like locking yourself in a room because of your acne”. I get you. I have spent countless days reading through the scientific literature and my only goal is to help people understand what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to a healthy skin. If you still don’t trust me, feel free to go through my work here.


My goal is to eliminate confusion, guesswork and experimentation from your skincare. I can design a skincare routine for you (no prescription, pills and fad diets) that will restore your skin imbalances and will help your skin function at its best. Check out my YouTube and Instagram for tons of skincare info. If you want a personalized recommendation, check out my BHG Program.


No, I am not a doctor. All information, content and material on this website is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the diagnosis and medical treatment of a qualified doctor. This website is about skin care and skin positivity. You can check out my work here.


I offer three types of skincare consultation services-
  • BHG Basic (skincare consultation over mail)
  • BHG Advance (skincare consultation over phone call + Mail support)
  • BHG Ultimate (Skincare consultation over video call + Mail and Call Support)
  • I also offer a membership to BHG community which is basically a skincare community for all your skincare questions.

My Clients


BHG Client

Hello mam, Today I completed 28 days of using all the products.It was an amazing experience. I use a very limited product and my skin has healed ,it glows. There is no acne marks or hyperpigmentation. I have an Eventone skin now. Changes are quite evident than what it was 28 days back. Thanks for all your suggestions you gave me. I am really grateful.

BHG Client

Before giving the feedback I would like to thank you wholeheartedly.I really wish people would come to you before trying on so many products for there skin problem they are facing. Thank god I did not come to you after it was too late. My skin has healed and is still healing so beautifully. I am not exaggerating here, but I literally would have sleepless nights thinking about how bad my skin has changed. For a person who has not dealt with an acne/skin problem throughout her life,this was a nightmare. Deciding to go for a session with you has been one of the best decisions of my life. I'll surely take up another session after my skin healed completely. Keep doing what you do.

BHG Client

How could I say thank you to you? Please let me know if there is any other word better than Thank you. Approaching you was a right decision I have taken before going to the other products. The products that you prescribed aptly suited my skin and I'm enjoying its healing and becoming healthy. Thanks a ton for knowing our skin better and suggesting the products. I would definitely recommend anyone to consult you before investing in any other products. Everything is working well and I would like to continue the products.

BHG Client

Skinoreal has actually introduced me to my first real skincare routine. Sreeja is not only well informed but all her knowledge is grounded in research and the study of skin. Her passion for the subject reflects right through her page and even when she recommends any product. She isn't afraid to be honest, even if that means busting some long held myths! She walks the talk and her love for skin can just been seen by how gorgeous her skin looks. Look forward to learning so much more from her

BHG Client

Hey, I’m using all the products which are recommended by you and i can feel the change in my skin. Also pimples and boils are almost gone. Thank you so much. After a long time my skin is healing again without any medicines just with regular skin care products.

BHG Client

I am someone who has been plagued with dull looking skin from as long as I can remember. It was few months back when I found Sreeja and I am so glad I did. She was all ears when I told her about my predicament and came up with a regimen. It has been few months and I can’t believe how beautiful my skin looks now. Even people who are not very close to me would ask what do I do to keep my skin looking like the way it is. I am 28 years old male with my skin feeling like that of a teenager. All that diabolical dullness is gone and the texture of the skin has improved dramatically. I can’t thank her enough and will always be indebted to her. She’s a fair dinkum and does not endorse any brand. She loves what she does and is the best in the business. I wish there were more skincare experts like her.

BHG Client

I found you while sifting through suggested pages and boy am I glad that it happened when it did since I am going through the worst phase of my skin as I’ve gone off the PCOS medication. When I emailed you I wasn’t expecting such an elaborate reply and yet there you were asking all the relevant questions to get to the root of my problem. I was picking up random suggestions from different pages and ending up hurting my skin.... on the contrary you’ve put me on the simplest of regimes and I’m sure it’ll work for me!

BHG Client

I would like to use the traditional and often used trope of ‘how this changed my life’ but her advice truly did. There is always a simple skincare routine to fall back on when I get stressed and I have saved so much money because these products are good and last long. I am glad she is in this field because she is very perceptive, patient, and rigorous with her research. I cannot thank her enough for making such a complicated and more market-driven than the consumer-friendly world of skincare more accessible. There is no substitute for having healthy skin and I have learnt and seen that through Sreeja’s extremely knowledgeable advice.